Learn and grow with a committed group of educators and experts who are passionate about environment and sustainability. From the depths of the seascape to the upper layers of the atmosphere, our faculty bring a wealth of scholarship and real-world experience to the classroom, ensuring that you receive a top-notch education.

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What do BS-ES faculty say?

“With the BS in Environment & Sustainability, you’re part of something bigger: an incredible, global community dedicated to effecting change for the environment and building a deeper understanding through firsthand experiences.”

Jesse Meiller, Co-Director

“We combine classroom learning, immersive experiences, and a focus on your personal development to meet the challenges of the present and help cultivate a brighter future.”

Randall Amster, Co-Director

“The BS in Environment & Sustainability prepares you for a future where you are a part of the solution.”

Dean Pete Marra

Meet the Faculty

Randall Amster

Co-Director, BS in Environment & Sustainability

Jesse Meiller

Co-Director, BS in Environment & Sustainability

Tim Bartley

Earth Commons and Department of Sociology

Kerrie Carfagno

Associate Teaching Professor

Gina Green

Professor of the Practice

Brian Griffiths

Assistant Teaching Professor

Rebecca Helm

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor, Earth Commons

Taylor Jones

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor, the Earth Commons

Marcus King Ph.D.

Professor of the Practice in Environment and International Affairs
Director, MS in Environment & International Affairs

Megan Lickley

Assistant Professor

Orissa Moulton

Associate Teaching Professor

Angela van Doorn Ph.D.

Associate Teaching Professor

Academic Advising

Academic Advising is a fundamental part of the program given the diverse range of career opportunities in the fields of environment and sustainability. We encourage each student to create a custom pathway with guidance from faculty, peer mentors, and alumni. While most students will follow recommended pathways based on their interests and career goals, the advising process begins in the first semester. We introduce students to resources that help them align their degree goals with their coursework, experiential learning (like internships and global immersions), and capstone projects.