Embark on an educational adventure. The BS in Environment & Sustainability is about more than just gaining knowledge—it’s about helping you think differently while making a difference. Through this joint program between College of Arts & Sciences and the Earth Commons Institute, you’ll explore theories and practical skills—in the classroom, in the field, and around the world—and put it all together to make a difference.

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Ready to take the next step? First-year students must complete the BS-ES foundational coursework in the Fall—we are now offering auto-enrollment to make the process easy!

Our vision

The BS in Environment & Sustainability harnesses the inherent potential of our students to effect positive change in the world. We empower our community to address pressing environmental issues through understanding, creativity, and action.

What makes the BS in Environment & Sustainability different?

Hands-on learningGet out of the classroom and into the real world, where you’ll learn and problem-solve with peers and professionals through coursework, research, and internships in DC and beyond
A global classroom

Your education begins on the Hilltop and transitions to the Capitol Campus, offering you opportunities at sites locally and around the world that expand perspectives

Personal development

We focus on your personal growth and cultivating the inherent ability of all individuals to create positive environmental change

Interdisciplinary perspectivesThe curriculum weaves together many disciplines and diverse perspectives, bridging theory and practice to address environmental problems from multiple angles in ways that embrace innovation, hope, and agency
Community that caresWith the BS-ES, you are part of something bigger than yourself: you belong to a diverse Georgetown community that comes together as “people for others” through unique events, compelling experiences, student groups, and mentorship
Capitol LocationOn the Hilltop and at the Capitol Campus, BS-ES students have unparalleled access to the many layers of Washington, DC, where local and global environmental change is made

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Why I chose the BS in Environment & Sustainability

“This program has allowed me to combine my passion for the environment with my interests in humanities. My goal is to fully comprehend the systemic barriers that impede environmental justice. From there, I aim to combat such barriers and spark reciprocity in the communities that I’m in. My classes have inspired me to think in different ways and explore new topics, and I’m excited to see where my future studies take me! ”

“When grappling with huge, complicated environmental problems like climate change it is so important to be a part of a community that believes change is possible. The BS in Environment & Sustainability is that kind of community. Everyone is in the program because they think our world has serious problems, yet their hopefulness is palpable. They all believe we can actually do the hard work of making the world a better place. I wanted to join them in doing that.”

“I chose the BS-ES because I love learning about the intersection of environmental science and how humans can adjust their actions to be more beneficial than harmful. More than just the processes of how our planet works, this program offers the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the processes between people and our environment.”

Joint Program Partners

The Earth Commons

The Earth Commons—Georgetown University’s Institute for Environment & Sustainability—shapes the future of our planet by building, supporting, and infusing environmental and sustainability research, education and action throughout the Georgetown University community and beyond.

About the Earth Commons

The College of Arts & Sciences

Founded in 1789 as the nation’s first Catholic institution of higher learning, Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences is committed to the Jesuit traditions of an integrated education and of productive research in the natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, and fine arts.

About CAS

The B.S. in Environment & Sustainability is jointly administered by the College of Arts & Sciences and the Earth Commons, Georgetown University’s Institute for Environment & Sustainability.